Plate Sealing Ring


TMCo Sure Shot Seal Ring

  • The TMCo Sure Shot Seal Ring is made of (HNBR) Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber which is bonded to a stainless steel ring.
  • TMCo Sure Shot fittings use the same seal ring in both the Sure Shot Single Chamber & Sure Shot Dual Chamber products.
  • Sure Shot seal rings, like our orifice fittings, are a stock item.
  • TMCo Sure Shot seal rings are less expensive than competitors’ seal rings.


Orifice plate has a metal to metal seat in Sure Shot single & dual chamber carriers.

The metal to metal seating of the orifice plate in the Sure Shot carrier design assures no plate movement toward the downstream fitting tap when operating at higher differentials.


Sure Shot seal ring snaps in after orifice plate is installed into carrier. This creates a seal on the upstream side of the orifice plate and on the upstream side of the fitting seat.