H. Wayne Carroll, 1935-2017

We are profoundly saddened by the passing on May 7, 2017 of our founder, Chairman and CEO, H. Wayne Carroll.

Wayne was a husband, father, grandfather, mentor, friend, visionary and servant of Christ. Wayne was a man with a great entrepreneurial spirit, an easy smile and laugh and an ability to relate to people of all walks of life. He saw opportunity where others perceived obstacles. He embraced challenge where others might retreat in fear. He would not accept defeat and would praise God for all.

An oil and gas industry veteran with 40+ years of management experience, Wayne learned the industry from the ground up beginning with his 20+ year stint with Daniel Industries where he held a number of management positions. Wayne brought that experience and insight to multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including serving as co-founder and Vice President of Flow Automation, founder and President of Premier Instruments, Inc. and culminating in his founding and serving as Chairman, President and CEO of TMCo, Inc.

Wayne was a leader.  He built TMCo around three core building blocks, Great Products, Great People and Great Service. He surrounded himself with a strong management team, put in place a durable plan to carry on his vision and leaves TMCo a market leader, financially strong and well equipped to continue to provide our customers with industry leading products and unparalleled support. In Wayne’s honor we, the TMCo team, will continue to execute the plan to carry on Wayne's vision, and we will give all praise and glory to God, our Father.

Safe, Dependable, Accurate, Affordable Measurement

Since 2003 TMCo, Incorporated has manufactured Sure Shot® Single and Dual Chamber fittings. Both orifice fittings are unique robust designs that are widely accepted in the industry. With few moving parts, the Sure Shot® is easy to maintain and designed to last. Each Sure Shot® orifice fitting is hydrostatically tested 1.5 times its rated CWP, positive plate seal, pressure tap integrity, seal protrusion, orifice fitting and eccentricity tested before leaving the factory.

Dual Chamber

SURE SHOT® Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting

  • Two-piece body allows fast, safe inexpensive orifice plate change under pressure
  • Protected positive orifice plate seal design extends service life
  • Meets or exceeds all industry specifications (AGA3/API 14.3) 2”-16” ANSI Classes 150-600. For higher ratings contact us.
  • Few moving parts, positive sealing with low maintenance
  • Unique safety lock helps to prevent accidental opening under pressure while removing the orifice plate, indicates proper carrier location, and provides precise plug operation positioning
SURE SHOT® Single Chamber Orifice Fitting

SURE SHOT® Single Chamber Orifice Fitting

  • One piece body allows fast inexpensive orifice
    plate change
  • Protected positive orifice plate seal design extends
    service life
  • Meets or exceeds all industry specifications
  • 2” thru 6” ANSI Classes 150-600. For higher ratings consult factory.